Xinrui take strictly precautions against COVID-19 and follows the instructions of government to close factory for 14 days since the outbreak in 2020.JAL.

We have already returned to work from 2020.FEB.19 and recovered 100% production capability at the end of March. Both of our domestic and overseas customers are received the packages from our factory again smoothly and safety.

The following actions were the precautions against COVID-19 we made:

1.Prepare sufficient medical supplies to ensure the health of all staffs.

2.Take all staff’s temperature twice a day to record the physical condition.

3.Strictly control the visitors, who have to visit our factory during the severe COVID-19 period.

4.Establish a temporary reception to limit the working area of visitors and staffs.

Xinrui will Keep improving the precautions refer to the latest condition and examine if the precautions are running good every day before we start to work.

Wish we could support our customers during the difficult and unstable time with well prepared in advance.

Sufficient medical supplies, such as mask and disinfectant spray in our factory: