Manufacturing Machines

With the expansion of our business and the increased customized demands, we have purchased many Japanese machines in recent years. There are nearly 100 machines in our factory, including CNC Lathe, Swiss-type Lathe, CNC Machining Center, EDM and Grinding.

Manufacturing Machines List

Measuring Equipment

Xinrui is a synonym for quality and precision and we always strive to meet the ever increasing requirements of our customers. To ensure our quality, aside from the basic gauges, we also have two CMM to measure the high precision dimensions and geometric tolerancing.

Processing Precision

In order to achieve our proud processing precision, we have chosen high-end Japanese machining center─Brother and Swiss-type Lathe─Star as our main manufacturing machines. For example, we could ensure that the flatness of sheet is under 5um or the concentricity and position of scope under 1mm.

Processed Materials

We are experienced in several materials, ranging from stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum to nickel and titanic.

Besides the metal, we also could process various engineering plastic as well.

Surface Treatment & Heat Treatment